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About Immigration Society
About Immigration Society
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We created the Immigration Society to empower immigrants to start new lives.

The immigration ecosystem is broken as immigrants feel stress, fear and uncertainty in their journey to a new life.

The key pain points include

• Fragmentation - where do I go to start get the information I need to immigrate?

• Trust - who are the real experts and can I really trust their advice?

• Community - who can I turn to for help and support?


Our solution is to create an online platform for the immigration eco system that connects clients, partners and advisors through a marketplace of content that will build a rich online community to empower immigrants to start new lives.


We see three key players in our ecosystem.

Clients - immigrants who want to start a new life in a new country.

Partners - service providers who can help in their areas of expertise.

Advisors - people who want to give back to the community by offering help and support to immigrants


If you want to be a part of this community of like minded people on the journey of life, then sign up and jump in to become part of the immigration society.


Tell us what you want to see in the Immigration Society, comment below and let's together empower new lives!

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